Feedback and Constructive Criticism [First Attempt]

Hello Developers,

I decided to get out of my comfort zone and enter a field I’ve never attempted in before…because why not! It’s always good to broaden your fields of expertise, even if just a bit. It’s a great skill to build and can prove to be useful in the future. I entered the field of graphical design and the experience was quite enjoyable. My first product is presented below. I’d appreciate any feedback and would like to know how good or bad I did. What’re the points I did poorly at? What can I do to improve? Is there anything I should look out for in this field?

Thanks in advance!

You may now roast me.
I used both Blender and Photoshop for this piece.

First Product

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The render is good, but the editing is really weird… The player has light on like, half of his body? There’s a guy in the back that’s sort of out of place, he looks weird just there… The sky is REALLY weird, I don’t know if this is supposed to be a sky from an anime or something, but it doesn’t go with the lighting or style. Overall, pretty good render.
One more thing, there’s a random circle of light here

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Looking at the render I would recommend using rigs that will make the renders look much more professional. The editing seems a little too much and doesn’t feel right. It does look like an older roblox render as well which needs to be fixed.

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So, nice work for a beginner! But there are some strange and unusual things in this project. Here are some of my opinions:

  • The grass at the front looks bit weird. It doesn’t really match the color of the background. I recommend brightening up the grass a little bit.
  • The lighting of this whole project is not natural. If you see, the half of the character is lightened up, while the other half is dark. The change should be natural and blurred up, but as you see, it is spitted by a straight line.
    주석 2020-01-29 191329
  • I recommend you changing the face of the character. It’s because the eye is too sharp. When you look it further away from your monitor, you can realize that the eye is too bright / sharp, and doesn’t fit your dark background.
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The Whole piece if a bit too contrasted, also I would recommend making the character adapt to the background instead of making the background adapt to the character. Looking at the background made me a little confused at first and I can see some choppy bits of what you’ve added in. If you find the Stamp tool in Photoshop I’m sure you could use that well to blend in the grass with the ground a little bit more. The Front Character could use more shadows against the bright sun. The character in the background also has his shadow in the wrong place from where the sun is pointing and could use grass around his feet. Overall if this is your first time attempting this it’s pretty good! I hope you can use my ideas to help along with your learning!

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Thanks for the feedback! I tried experimenting a bit with this first piece, messing around with effects. I also based it on Jojo’s Bizzare art style. That might explain the unusual pieces. I appreciate the advice!