Feedback and critisms on my animations

I’ve been animating the animations for my game as I am a solo developer. Recently I gave been losing hope in being able to complete my game and I’ve been wondering whether or not I should switch to being an animator since I have a bit more passion with it. I know my animation looks really lackluster but bear with me and please give me tips and suggestions on how I can improve so that I can be good enough to set up commissions.

you can just refer to them as the first or second animation



Any feedback and criticisms would, and I mean it be very, very appreciated


Trust me man keep working on your game, finishing it is gonna feel so rewarding. Especially if it comes out how you want it. And who knows, it could blow up. Also tip from animator to animator.

Make the characters torso rotation speed go slow → fast → slow again it gives a smoother effect.
If you want any videos to show I can provide (Though I use Moon Animator)

Both of the animations are perfectly fine dawg. Just a little more work in the seams and you’ll be just as good as any other big game animator (Already better than me :skull:)


mmm I feel like the torsos arent moving. I see that they are but it still feels like they are facing the front still, even after the animation plays. This could be just because the rig is all one color. But to fix this? I’m not quite sure how. Maye the head movement?

either way, I think what Rymxi said will help!