Feedback and Help on Simulator Islands

Hey, I am trying to get a better build done and make sure that it is the best that it can be.
I wanna get multiple opinions on what I should change and add on these islands.
I’ve also tried talking to peers in another group

Here are the islands:

My only feedback is that this style has been a tad bit overdone for simulators.

Also, on the volcano island on the bottom right there is a lot of flat area. Maybe you could add something else there?

Aside all that, it looks pretty cool!

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They look nice but you should add a texture to the lava stage, seems a bit empty without it.

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I am quite a huge fan of that style of building but the volcano stage does seem a little empty

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I updated the islands based on the suggestions. Thoughts?

For the first one I suggest making a beach that wraps around the whole island so it isn’t as bland, other than that its alright

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