Feedback and ideas on my "find the" game?

I made this game called “Find The Apples”. Heres some pictures to show some of the map:




It includes a functional apple list UI:


And some other features.

Maybe even try it out for yourself!
find the apples (LOST REALMS!) - Roblox


leave apple design ideas too, i would appreciate them.


Nice game!

I have a few notes:

  1. Found Item Announcement
    As you can see in the image below, the gui appears on the side of the screen, I think it’d be better if you could change it so that, it either will appear on the middle ,or make a clean list on one of the sides.

2)Settings Gui -
Make sure to fix that aswell, make it either appear on the middle, or on a tidy/clean frame on the side.

3)Map decoration
The map looks good and decent, however - if you want to attract players into it, I’d suggest you to decorate the map more - paths, buildings, hidden spots,add some lighting effects too, it could help too.

Overall, good job!


The UI on the side of the screen is for mobile support. But thanks for taking notice in that, it will be fixed for both PC and mobile soon. I agree with you on adding more to the map. Ill try adding a bit more. Thanks so much!

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No problems , keep it up.

I’d like to hear from this project when it’s done.

Best of wishes!

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Thanks! Quick question, its sort of random.

Do you know any good music maker sites that are not paid or copyrighted?
The music in game is currently ROBLOX’s and its not very good.

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Unfortunately no, but -

There are actually some good and really epic music on the Library.


Ill look more, thanks anyway!!

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Audio privacy update is breaking this.

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I think he was referring to roblox made music, as well as monstercat.

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I recommend you using Strofe! The music that this website makes, it’s very great, and I think it fits perfectly with your game.

Obviously you can change the category of the music, like spooky, chill, happy, etc.

I have tried, yet there instruments are not what im looking for. Im looking for music sort of simular to find the markers background music. Thanks, Anyway!

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I would recommend to make models instead of parts. (if you know what I am saying). I would recommend blender to make the models. This way it looks more appealing.
The game seems decent maybe try not to make the map flat and instead add height variations. Also make the borders not square try to make it look like hills. I personally think the roblox textures don’t look good I would use either a free model from the toolbox that gives you textures or just make your own. Also try to fill in all the big open areas that way it seems like there is a lot more to explore.
I would turn shadows off for the border of the map and try not to use the default lighting if you are.
The UI I think needs some improvements. I would search up tutorials.

I have not played the game yet so I can’t really say much. Good luck! :+1:

I cannot use yt or any other social platform other then roblox to see tutorials, i have no idea how to use blender, and i have it. Ill improve on lighting, UI too.