Feedback and Opinions on my first SHOP UI

Hi, I’m ThatNormalDev I’m normally a builder but yesterday I was inspired by people who design GUI/UI’s so I wanted to make one myself, It might look simple for some of you but this is my first shop menu, The scrolling frame has been a pain because whenever I tried to scale it for other devices it would mess up but I figured it out, I want other users opinions and feedbacks so I could get better at it and maybe be a GUI/UI designer.

I made all of this on Roblox Studio and here are the plugins I used:


LayoutUtil v2 - Roblox
UI Tools - Roblox
Easy GUI - Roblox

And thanks to the people who helped me on a post I made yesterday to figure out the scrolling frame

The Gui:


Wow, this actually isn’t too bad at all from the looks of it, it seems pretty clean, I feel like some slight improvement’s you could make is remove the blue-ish background behind the buy item. If you really want a background behind the “Buy Item” icon, maybe put a black background. Another suggestion I have is change “Buy Item” to Purchase, and lastly you should consider adding a title or a place to insert next to the icons to the item the user is going to review/purchase. The X button you have on the top left looks clean but I suggest moving it towards the right top side since it would make more sense, maybe try putting a red background on the X and see how that looks like, other then that good job!

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Yeah, I see what you mean, Thanks for the feedback! But wouldn’t the images show what the Items are? I’ll try to add the Title of the item. :slightly_smiling_face:

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