Feedback and Suggestions also Free Model!

Hey everyone! I wish you are all doing alright, so I recently recreated the Happy Home in Robloxia map in my style and I’ve decided to give you all the map for free! I posted this here because Id also like some feedback or suggestions I could do to further improve this model. Thanks for reading hope you have a nice day!

Link to the Model: Happy Home - Roblox

Here are some pictures too:

The mountains/hills are very unusual, reminds me of the background in mario. Trees are pretty weird looking too. Honestly it doesn’t look like the original at all, I know it’s a recreation but if it had not been said to me I would’ve had no clue that that’s what you’re going for. When you look at the original you can see some differences that you’re missing and this turns it into your own rendition of the house & not really a recreation anymore. I do like the build though, it’s cartoony and the colors are pretty nice. Skybox fits well. Windows make me uncomfortable haha. good job

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