FeedBack and suggestions on my game

I am trying to improve my building on Roblox.
Please Rate this and suggest what should I add


I really like the landscape, trees, and angle you took the screenshot from but, I think the house could be more detailed.

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Maybe change the sky to fit the way the sun is angled. You can make a custom one or just find one on the toolbox. You should also change the way the house is designed, the house is, well, good enough, but it doesn’t fit the terrain and the trees. Make a more realistic looking house. Maybe something closely looking to this

Things You Should Add

Add mountains on the background a bit. Also hills would also work out well for the terrain, just make sure the hills aren’t too high or else it’ll destroy the layout of things. Maybe add some flowers, some rock meshes? This will bring your terrain to life.

That’s all of the my suggestions. The current layout and build is fine, but you can do better than what you currently have :smile::+1:

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