Feedback and tips on police station

Hello, this is my first build, a police station. I’ve looking for ways to make it more realistic, I have tried everything to my knowledge but couldn’t think of anything.

For example, if you look closely you see that I added these plank like details on the walls. Still doesn’t look realistic though. So I guess this is a problem with materials and/or color. I’m not really sure what materials to use as nothing fits with the blue theme well except for metal and smooth plastic which I use in this build. (For example blue bricks or blue cobblestone is not realistic at all).


Bump, still looking for information on solving this.

Just that tower looking thing in picture 1 seems to be throwing off the build. The rest of the build seems good.

Thanks! How would you recommend to fix the tower? Or should I delete it completely?

I think it should just be completely removed. Maybe replaced with something else? I don’t have any ideas of what you would replace it with, But I’m sure there’s a fair amount things to replace it.

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Shorten the tower I wouldn’t remove it.