[Feedback and/or Suggestions] My first Low Poly Medieval House

Hey! I have been building for a long time, but I have never done anything with medieval buildings… So, I decided to make this, today… It feels empty, to me… But, I don’t know what to add. Any feedback and/or suggestions are appreciated.

The House:

Maybe u can add some extras blocks so it doesn’t looks like a boring rectangle (some extra building areas or rooms, idk how to say it) and idk if this give me the low-poly vibe to me

Hey @TheOmegaMaximo10Z , I added more stuff to the house, don’t quite know what you were talking about, but does it look better now?

The Updated version:

Do you think this did anything? Does it look better? Does it look worse?

Its nice but i mean, a second room for example next to the building.

In its entirety, this build is pretty good for a low poly map. The only problem I can see with it is that it feels pretty large for a medieval building the roof doesn’t show the medieval feel you’re going for!

I would suggest adding some more details because it looks plain in my opinion. The roof of the house is kinda plain to look like a medieval house Add some shingles to the roof, possibly? If you don’t know how to do it, it’s really easy just takes some patience and practice, here is a simple Tutorial on how to. Some pattern tiles, wooden shingles, black shingles, ect. Those are just some ideas you could possibly add to building to have the full details consider placing a chimney somewhere on the roof.

Try adding some decorations and changing things up a bit you could add some Hanging Lights By The Door, Wooden Table, Baskets, and more, but what needs to be more improved is the roof of the medieval house you could try getting some ideas by looking at some reference images so your build could look finished. Add some smoke particles coming out of the chimney if you plan on adding that this will be quite easy to do and will look extremely good.

Other than that, it’s not bad for your first attempt!

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