[FEEDBACK] Animal Fighting Game


A new game studio I’m currently in with 3 other developers is planning to release this game, we have a budget of 16k-20k Robux and we are planning to release the game this weekend. We are looking to make a decent profit out of this. This game has been in development for about one and a half months, and we’ve done numerous testing and changes to it.

The game is a brawl-type fighting game in which there are two teams, animals and zookeepers. Animals must destroy the zoo, while zookeepers must contain and tranquilize all animals. It features a leveling system and a currency system in which players can purchase items from a virtual shop.

We would like feedback on it such as audio feedback, gameplay feedback, feedback on the game thumbnails and icon, progression feedback, strange bugs, and also monetization feedback on the game. This is our first release and we’re nervous on how it will perform. Do you think it is front-page worthy or 1000+ players worthy?

Also feel free to rate the game.

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When I just joined the game I was really confused, you should maybe add some type of tutorial. After that when I got in it seemed very rough, and not smooth. I would just say explain stuff in the game, and show what you need to do. Right now I do not believe the game would get 1000+ players maybe around 100. If you fix these things then maybe you would get these goals you are aiming for. Thank you for reading, :slight_smile:

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Could you elaborate on what you mean by very rough and not smooth?

Was no smooth gameplay, and I have a good computer I also put the graphics down to two still wasn’t smooth.

I like the idea of it, was fun once I was in the actual game but once you have the game fully out be sure to put a tutorial of some sort so that while people are waiting for the next game they wont be so confused as to what is happening.
Other than that I enjoyed it.

Add a tutorial of some sort. Also this is a small detail, but also make the players face transparent, during the rounds. Other than that, nice game.

Decided to try out your game there are quite a bit of things I would suggest adding if needed:

Upon joining I was greeted with a teleport button giving me the opportunity to join or not, when I pressed the button I was very confused on what to do when I joined no tutorial was given to me as to what to do in the game? Where to get different animals? How to capture them? ect. I would at least try adding a small tutorial for new players that want to try out your game.

I think it’ll be hard to let players find out what to do regarding their new to the game, adding cages or their enclosure would be a good idea as once I joined there randomly spawn on the ground, maybe have when they teleport it will show how they escape or some sort of text will come up saying “the animals escaped we need your help to capture them” this is just my personal opinion.

Maybe at the spawn give them something to do, people don’t want to wait instill the intermission starts as they will get bored and wanting to leave sooner or later, maybe an obstacle or an area where they can practice to capture the animals that escaped. Adding more objects would allow more interest, and fun for the players to enjoy and stay in your game longer than a few minutes or seconds.

Regarding that everything that I was going to say has already been said. At the start this definitely has some good potential I would continueto improve it.

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Thank you for the feedback! We will use this to improve our game.