[FEEDBACK] Animated/Cartoony Logos in Need of Feedback!

Please leave feedback below on my logos and the portfolio. I would like to know what I can improve, how I can do it, and what is good and stuff. I don’t want to know pricing because apparently that is against the TOS but idk. Any feedback at all is appreciated! Thank you all!! :hidere:

My work-> [COMMS OPEN] Logo Designer new to the Forum! Check me out and leave feedback!


Well @s_izzles they look extremely amazing to me with a such a good font and artistic approach! They are very catchy to everyone!

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Hey! Based on what I saw, I’d like to comment on the following…

I think that you’ve nearly mastered a specific style of logo making (the logo and other designs up front, blurry background), and if you want to stick with that, that’s perfectly understandable and alright! However, I think with the skill that you’ve expressed in the other logos, maybe trying different styles of logos would help broaden the amount of potential customers.

If you do decide to try out new formats/styles, a good place to start might just be looking at other popular styles, and adding your own touch to them. Maybe try making a logo with no blurry background, and see what you could do with the extra space? Another thought would be to play around more with the font styles, they look pretty similar to one another in each logo I saw.

All in all, the logos that I saw looked great. The consistent theme, coloring, and additional “props” helped to contribute to great designs. Hope this helped a little & good luck!

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