[Feedback] & Any addition changes/ideas to improve this GFX on Blender?

And tips/additions/ideas to help improve or change this GFX on Blender? Currently learning on getting into GFX making and would be greatly helpful if I would be able to improve my skills future.


It’s too bright. Try making it a more realistic and darker hue/render? Idk what you call it in blender?
And doesn’t look like he’s holding the pumpkin here.

Looks pretty cool though, so far. :slight_smile: :fox_face: bye!

Hey Loo_ive, great start to creating graphics so far! I only have a couple suggestions on improving your work.

The first thing I would do is try increasing the quality. You can accomplish that by rendering the character at a higher size, that way it looks clearer. You can also render it and save it as a .PNG, that way you don’t have to use a tool to cut it out, which is messy (not sure if you did or not, but just in case). Another thing you can do is make it so that the character is looking like it is standing somewhere. A common misconception of beginner artists is that the border acts as a plane, but when in fact it is not. You can add some grass in the editing program you use that you find online, or you can render it yourself! You also want to have the light source make sense in terms of where it is located, and have it relevant to the background. It doesn’t matter too much in this one because there is no background, but you should always keep that in mind. One thing you can easily do would be to change the pumpkin model so that the inside has no object and is instead filled with a light source, which would increase the realism aspect of the GFX drastically. Ideally you want to have a background that is relevant to the post, not just a basic common one. You can first accomplish this by finding ones using your search engine and editing to your needs, but eventually you will figure out how to render entire scenery, which is what all the big graphics creators do. You will want to start with some youtube tutorials on how to do that, as that is where I begun and I highly recommend it for learning new methods.

As with any skill, the best way to learn is with trial and error. If you keep up what you’re doing and stick with it, I am sure you will become a top graphics designer in no time! Good luck!

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Looks really good. The only thing I have an issue with is

I feel like the head should be moved to the left a tad bit (Just a little.) It may just be me, but I feel like it is to the right a millimeter too much.

Use Cycles.

There are barely any Shadows. Try bump mapping and a little gloss

It looks really nice and I don’t think there’s much to improve on.


  • I do have one Idea though that might look good and it’s to maybe create more of a glow coming from the pumpkin. You could also make the render darker and make one of the main light sources being the pumpkin. This could create more of a mysterious theme.

Apart from that Idea I think it looks pretty good how it is. Good luck on your future renders!

Its pretty good except for a few minor errors. I will list them here.

  • A tad bit too bright.
  • Move arms so it looks like he is grappling around the pumpkin a little more.
  • Move the hat and hair a little closer over the neck, then rotate them to look at the camera.
  • Try to smooth it out by extra rendering.
  • Try to use a HUE slider tool to make colors pop out more.
  • This is entirely optional, but maybe open up the image in paint or photoshop to add some photo effects or overlaying PNGs.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

The shadows on this part of the arm is pixelated, perhaps trying to improve the lighting by using an HDRI?

I would also change the background to a more detailed background. Like others have said use Cycles or Cinema 4D for more detailed shadows and a higher quality render.