Feedback at my models

I modeled recently my first AK-47, If you can please give me feedback!! :smiley: AK-47


Looks good for first time! Although it needs some more work.

The grip is little bit thick, make it thinner. The handguard looks thicker than mag which is weird in my opinion. Also make the stock little bit bigger but don’t make it obscure the sights.

Keep it going!

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Looks pretty good! I agree with everything @kappyta_n said, but I also think the wooden part nearest to the front is a little bit thick (vertically).


Really cool and now that I look at it a bit more, you do need to thin out the grip a bit. But other then that Good job :+1:

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thank you for my feedback! Thanks. :smiley:

The handle is very fat, and so is the foregrip. The magazine is also very thin and small, so I suggest making that way wider. Plus, the receiver looks tall, too.