Feedback at my models

I modeled recently Lunar Rover, If you can please give me feedback!


Thats so good, oh my god it would be cool if you can make that plate move around.


it looks pretty nice although suggest shading it smooth since it looks pretty rough and adding more details but any thing else it’s pretty good

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:rotating_light: All is Union! :smiley:

It’s a decent model, however there are a few things I’d fix. One may be the thickness of the bar in front of the seat. It looks like its about a stud which is quite thick. Another issue I see is the rims of the wheels don’t appear to be attached to the chassis? Although I can’t really tell from this angle.

:rotating_light: This is cartoon :thinking:

What do you mean by “cartoon”.

Cartoon, I think it’s not a realistic model, it’s a model from my imagination and it doesn’t have to have a chassis, it’s a cartoon

Yea but the issue is the rims aren’t attached to anything. So it’s essentially floating.

Nice work. Very creative. Have you tested it in a game? Once tested with probably few ajustments, it will be a nice vehicule to build a game around. To make it more realistic, in a futur version, plan some form of articulation in the middle so it could roam a lunar landscape.

Continue, I like it.

Oh my, that looks amazing! :heart_eyes:
Be proud of it, it’s really nice and professionally made especially since you used no reference for it, keep it up

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