Feedback back needed on obby

Hi, I made an Among us obby, it’s pretty short, but it took a long time for some unknown reason :thinking: but anyways, I’d love you to check it out! Thanks! Escape the Imposter (NEW) - Roblox <— click it


Why I see so many tags with the word “obby” in the description?

Rather than adding tags, just put what is your obby about, is it going to be hard or easy, or something else, just explain it

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I felt like it was a bit bland and needed more details. Another thing is you should try making it stand out from other obbys out there, like what makes it different from another obby?

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I see what you mean, I’ll try to improve it!

The title doesn’t look appealing at all (in my opinion), because it’s one of those generic “Escape from …” type of games.


There is no among us theme in the obby except for a few among us characters. Try remaking the among us map. Also like what @ViroGatYT said there is “so many tags with the word obby in the description”.


First of all, before we dive into the game itself, you need to consider the game’s presentation.

The game does not look very appealing whatsoever, as it comes across as a generic obby game that promotes itself via being themed around a popular game that’s sky-rocketing in popularity as of recent. The title, thumbnail or description isn’t appealing at all as it looks generic, it’s also worth noting that spamming your description with tags of the same word isn’t going to help players find your game.

Moreover, the game itself is a very simplistic obby with Among Us characters in that I completed in less than two minutes. Therefore, players are going to spend hardly any time at your game, they’re not going to be invested into it. Alongside that, there are no microtransactions, leaving you without a source of revenue for your game, basically rendering it pointless.

tl;dr; think of a game that makes yours stand out, whilst being able to afford to maintain it.


I agree with you, :frowning: idk if thats a good thing xD

thanks for the feedback everyone! I’d love more!

It looks like a rushed game, it just reminds me of them “super mega mega fun 4096 levels fun” it seems like a non modern obby, i see what you were trying to do but the building needs to be a little bit better, maybe by adding details on the wall or little random accessories

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I mean it’s not very original, maybe make something more original for more players

What do you mean its not original, there arent any obby games like it, nor the story lines.

i guess your true the words yur saying :frowning:

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Not the exact lines but something similar to it

The building just needs to be a bit more detailed thats all! The storyline is nice but you should add more endings