[Feedback] Basic Blender Chair


I just learned Blender a few hours ago and made a basic chair by following a tutorial. How can I improve on this?

Blender chair


image This looks a bit odd…

Yeah I accidentally bevelled it a bit. Will fix.

Make the chair taller, the rest looks good, except maybe the legs, they are too slanted. But for a first build, it’s amazing.

lengthen the legs, and all the back leg is crooked as well as the front ( only slightly ). Maybe make the part where you sit thinner. the side part of the back support looks odd, I’m not sure what it is though ( it might be its really thick )

Maybe add some colours, add some detail, some realistic textures. Make it look a bit more comfy, make the legs a bit thicker, the back a bit less thicker and maybe add some patterns.

The general shape of the chair is good, but I would make the actual seat a bit shorter and the back part longer. Other than that, it’s pretty good. :ok_hand:

It’s definitely good for a first-timer. I would make the legs a bit higher though.

The chair looks a bit oversized! But other than that, it’s great!