[Feedback] Blender 3D Model - Sports Car

Hello, my name is Extorx!

One of my goals as a developer/builder on Roblox was to 3D Model a decent-looking car in Blender. This model turned out way better than I expected it to. I’m NOT in ANY way a “good” 3D Modeler. I’ve recently started learning more about 3D modeling since I’m helping out a friend with a project. I have tried to model a car before, but not fully. This is my first time successfully 3D modeling a car.

I hopefully plan to improve this year. I mainly watch Blender 3D timelapse videos because I’ve always found them interesting and spent some time learning from those videos. Surprisingly, it’s pretty easy to learn if you try hard enough. There’s still a lot I have to improve. No doubt about that.

Tris - 14,644
Faces - 7,138
Verts - 7,783
Meshes - 20

Total Model Time - 1 day or about 10 hours

| Please feel free to leave feedback on it! |

Thank you!

Photos below



There are quite a bit of problems with this car.

  1. What is it inspired by, since it doesn’t look like any production vehicle and is quite uncanny. Did you try to make a Ferrari Dino 208?
  2. The biggest problem I see with this is the face reflection. Try to union more faces so the reflections aren’t messed up.
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My man the car expert has all the production vehicles memorized :sunglasses:. My best advice to you is listen to @alexfinger21 's advice. Apart from that, enable smooth shading

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I like the shape! Looks like something from Cyberpunk but more contemporary. Have you tried smooth shading? Look up Autosmooth and the Weighted Normal modifiers… I think it might help out!

I appreciate your honesty, I have improved though if you check out some other models I posted months ago, but no, I did not try to make the Ferrari Dino 208. I based this model off a Subaru Legacy, but it turned out kind of crappy, as you can see. :joy:

Edit: This was the first car model I’ve completed. I tried to model a car before, but I gave up. But, definitely check out my other posts of cars I’ve modeled.

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I saw your other models and they’re really good. You’ve come a long way. Subaru legacy tho??? This is a Subaru legacy: image

Yeah, it was a really bad attempt to model a subaru legacy.