(FEEDBACK) Calling On All Builders! Thoughts on my ship?

Could you guys please give me feedback on my Star Wars Stormtrooper Transport? What can I do to improve it? Its meant to look a bit like this:
And this is my version:



Looks pretty okay! You might want to use some textures instead of those messy parts placed on the side of the ship. Shape is accurate! But i think there should be more improvements to make it more like the one in the picture. More details can be added to make it look better! You’re getting there, keep trying!

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How would I make some textures?

You can try sourcing it from a google search or even make it through Photoshop! I’m sure there are other types of software that can allow you to do so too, just needs some asking around to find out.

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Alright, so say Ive created the texture, how would I add it into the game onto the ship? @DaffyHan

Its a good build :slight_smile: My only suggestions I have are that you shouldn’t have parts colliding with each other with the same extrusion measurements (It causes the two part colors to flicker because the game doesnt know which color to show) . My second suggestion is about coloring, a dark grey panel wouldnt fit in well on top of a white part, the panel should be near the same shade as the white part (maybe a lighter shade of grey). This is just what I see :slight_smile: Good luck with future builds!

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Click on the create tab on the ROBLOX page, upload it, then copy the asset link into an inserted texture in the part itself. You might also want to search for how to do it on Youtube, there are tonnes of tutorials about it.

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Alrighty thanks! How would I stop the flickering? @XXXLilHypeBeast33

Just make sure parts of different colors dont go into each other without any protruding differences :slight_smile: But if you want them to be the same level, just make them meet and not go through each other :slight_smile:

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one kinda quick cheat to stop z fighting is to change the dimentions by just a tiny un percivable bit.
like 0.0001.

think of it a little like z index.

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