Feedback + Changelog For Pong Arcade


Improved the mini golf, there are now 5 holes, you can leave the game by pressing L, and the ball resets when it is hit hit out of bounds. Also, players can buy different golf balls. The golf balls are shared with the bowling balls, so if the player buys a bowling ball, it can also be used in mini golf (this includes the Shiny Bowling Ball gamepass, but the size does not change in golf.

Added the Game Noob claw machine to Tier 3. The Game Noob plays the game Snake, and functions like a handheld arcade machine.


Now that the game has more content which players can work up to, I am trying to make it more accessible to new players.

Players seemed to go directly to the 8-player games, then play for a few seconds and quit, so I moved them behind the 2-player games, only accessible through the main arcade:

Another player was continuously walking into the wall blocking the tier-2 games, so I added a message that appears on the screen:

Some time ago I added instructions that appear when players start a new game. I don’t know what to do about these, however, as it seems that every player immediately clicks out of it. For example, the following GUI gives the instructions “WATCH YOUR AMMO” in big red text, but everyone proceeds to just spam all the missiles.

Are these instructions useless? Maybe a better options is to show instructions on the game screen itself, but players may ignore that too…


Added a custom leaderboard:

This allows players to see the scores of other players without needing to be in the top-ten list. There is a “normal/powered” button to toggle if it should show normal games, or games with power ups. It is also collapsible with the arrow button or the tab keybind.

I am working on adding tournaments that will give prizes to the top-fifty players. Currently I am doing bug testing with low prizes in a 24-hour tournament. When I know there are no bugs, I will make them week-long tournaments with large ticket prizes and special items for the winners.

I also added some badges for players to collect. Here is a list of them:

Description of each badge

Employees Only: find the secret entrance to the locked room behind the prize counter.
Turkey: Get three strikes in a row.
Very Rich: Buy every item at the prize counter.
Lucky Spin: Get 50 tickets from the Spin-To-Win wheel.
The 6th Derivative of reality: Make it to the arcade at the end of the Roblox Obby game, playable in the Tier-3 room.

I have done further testing for the tournament feature, and I am almost ready to start the first tournament. I changed the thumbnail and description to feature the tournament, and I prepared a skyscraper ad:

The prizes will be:
First place: 300 tickets
Top ten: 100 tickets
Top fifty: 30 tickets, and a trophy
Participation: 10 tickets

The hope is that an competitive event will improve player retention, as players come back to improve their high score.

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Bug fixes:
Fixed a bug that made two-player games sometimes say draw when someone won.
Attempt to make the mobile joystick not reset when fire is pressed (now it only resets when the ended input was in the left half of the screen)
Anchored the character’s root part when golfing so it is not always falling in holes. Also fixed an area where the player could get stuck and have to reset.
Made game input only update if it’s not GameProcessed, so characters aren’t moving around if the player is typing in the chat.

Slightly increased the payouts for one-player breakout and invaders.
Added a small sound effect whenever a game ends.
Added the “player serve” message to breakout.

The tournament ended, and seemed to work without bugs. There were entries into the tournament, but it didn’t seem to help with retention, however, as the week 7 retention graph remained at 0% despite the game getting visits from the ads I ran.

I added a lower floor, where there is a laser tag game:

In this game, players get a laser gun and try to get the most hits. There is no timer at the moment; players join whenever they want and the game lasts forever. The number of hits players get is displayed above the head, so maybe that will help it feel more competitive.

I added some ceiling fans and lights to the ceiling so it feels less empty (in addition to other decorations around the building):

I made improvements to the Commander game:
Exploded objects also explode, allowing for better chains.
The difficulty rises faster.
Added a UFO object that drops bombs, and can be killed for 50 points.


Fixed collision in 3D obby game, fixed lag in laser tag, attempted to fix the pointer on the giant wheel so it doesn’t remain still (only works sometimes).

Commander game now ends immediately when all cities are lost.
Reversed the direction of the escalators.

Prizes won from the claw machines can now be sold to an employee for 2 tickets each.
Started adding controller support; most games (but not GameNoob) should now work on console, but there are no instructions yet.


New Games:
Whack-A-Noob: Try to whack as many noobs as possible in 30 seconds!
Simon: Remember the pattern, and copy it by pressing the colored buttons.

Game Variations
Super Pong: Pong but each player gets an extra paddle about halfway across the playfield.
Crazy Pong: Each player gets many paddles, in a style similar to Foosball.
Easy Pong: The paddles are longer and the ball is bigger.
Gravity Pong: The paddles are horizontal and the ball has gravity. Try not to let it fall on your side!
2-Player Team Breakout: The players work together to break all the bricks.


Hello, I’ve given some feedback before on your game. I’d like to give more feedback now.

First Impression

As I first joined the game this was my first impression:

  • I didn’t know how to earn coins
  • I didn’t know how to progress
  • Finding stuff was difficult and things were a bit unorganized.

Some issues:

  • Your game has issues appealing to player types
  • Your game has issues with its feedback loop

What are player types?

Player types are such:

  • Achievers. The people who like progression (XP, Unlocking new stages, etc)
  • Killers. The people who like intense PVP.
  • Socializers. The people who like to be social and talk.
  • Explorers. The people who like to explore and see new and cool things.

Source: Bartle's Taxonomy of Player Types (And Why It Doesn't Apply to Everything) | Envato Tuts+

Players can be multiple at the same time and even a bit of all of them at the same time. Its important to note though that there are cases where a player might fully be a killer and all they want to do is get in pvp.

How your game handles player types

  • Achievers - You have a coin system
  • Killers - certain gamemodes feature PVP
  • Socializers - Your game is largely social based
  • Explorers - Players are introduced new content as they explore the game

However the way you handle the player types if fundamentally flawed. Most of these rely on other players being present however the feedback loop in your game made its difficult for other players to replay the game. If a user had a bad experience with their player type, they wont rejoin. Furthermore, if they had a good experience but then continued having bad experiences afterward they will wont rejoin.

How your player types give the player a bad experience

  • Achievers - While you have a coin and shop system, you really are not getting a meaningful progression through this. Coins have little value as the rewards they buy do nothing. To give the coins more value you could do stuff such as allowing them to buy a house (as seen in work at a pizza place) then they can customize the house. You also need to increase the risk in your game and make it possible to lose coins as your game is too easy. Achievers hate progress that is too easy. They didnt really achieve anything if that action was extremely easy and the result was extremely easy.

  • Killers - While you have gamemodes that appeal to these players they are largely unplayed. In order for a killer to be able to get their requested content they must convince a friend or something. This directly makes the game worse because the feedback loop is hard to obtain which makes the brain not repeat it.

  • Socializers - Your game is largely social but because players can be multiple player types relying entirely on socializion ultimately makes those social players leave which ruins the social aspect.

  • Explorers - While its true your game taps into explorers by making it difficult for them to find new things which counts as “exploring” this makes the feedback loop in your game more difficult because its hard for players to do specific things.

How your game handles feedback loops which give the player a bad experience

What are feedback Loops?

A feedback loop essentially is the brain telling itself that the action it did was good and it should repeat it. Your brain determines whether the action was good based on these things:

  • How hard that action was
  • The reward for that action

A feedback loop is repeated from these things

  • How obvious the feedback loop is
  • How successful was it in the past (for example was it too difficult or was the reward not good)

source: How to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

In your game, you want to appeal to this feedback loop model to engage users and make them come back.

Lets create a model which depicts your game’s feedback loop. when they first join.

How hard that action was
The player first joins and looks around for a game to play. They must walk around and go through multiple floors to find something. They may play something and be disappointed if its not what they liked. This is bad because it can take them a long time to find something that appeals to their player type. This will cause them to not want to replay.

The reward for that action
The player plays a short minigame and gains a few coins. At this moment they do not know what coins do except for buying unknown items in the shop. The reward is bad because as discussed earlier the coins are essentially valueless (as they cant be lost and only gained and can only be spent in the shop)

A feedback loop is repeated from these things

How obvious the feedback loop is
Its hard to determine this because this is physical (real world) but one example is the icon of your game. you want the icon of your game to look exciting and have bright colors (such as red, yellow, etc) so the feedback loop becomes more obvious.

How successful was it in the past (for example was it too difficult or was the reward not good)
This success is weakened by the previously mentoned topics.

How you can improve your feedback loop

How hard that action was
You must switch your system of finding things. Walking around to find gameplay is too difficult. Most games that are successful “feed” their players gameplay. For example if the game auto selected what game they were to play it would make it much easier and repeatable in the future.

The reward for that action
Making the coins have more value and making the consequences for losing greater. If there is greater consequence it gives them value as they dont want to lose the coins. You can also include more things such as making the shop items give an advantage or having a home they can customize and show off to their friends. Furthermore it will increase your game’s robux income because the coins would actually have value.

A feedback loop is repeated from these things

How obvious the feedback loop is
Like I said earlier, its difficult but if you used brighter colors it could increase this aspect.

How successful was it in the past
If the previous things were good then it would be repeated.

How you can take advantage of feedback loops in your game

  • Reward players for actions you want (to be repeated)
  • Punish them for actions you dont want (to not be repeated)
  • Make the reward substancial
  • Make gaining the reward straightforward
  • Make the reward variable (This means that they dont always get a positive outcome.)