Feedback, cinema lighting exterior

Hello, I am looking for feedback regarding the lighting on one of my builds. Currently I am using the future setting. Included in this post will be a few screenshots, and my lighting settings. Wondering if there are any tweaks yall would have me try out to change the lighting. Thanks!

Lighting used is all spot or point lights. If you would like additional images please just ask and I can provide, thanks!

Original reference / inspiration:


The build it’s good love the layout of the place and the small important objects well made. Regarding the lighting setup i think it looks good if you would like to take it a step further you should include street lamps - lanterns to create a better atmosphere when searching or looking at different cinema.

You’ll see the lighting cast bright lighting normally using (PointLight) i’m sure if you play with the range a bit more you could get that warmer vibrant color to intense the scene a bit.

The number of circle lighting is quite good, but I think the outside appearance isn’t standing out nor doesn’t it contain lanterns. If you start adding more props such as lanterns, benches and probably playing around with the range once you plan on creating other objects, etc.

You’ll notice that they start to bright up the front scene a bit more the lighting implemented on the building looks good already it’s just there isn’t much lighting surrounding the building.

TL;DR You could try placing a few lamps, instead of letting the lighting on the building do all the work. Experiment with different selections and choice to your own liking.


@jordonh23 Thank you for the compliments on the build, I feel like I sorta have a 2017ish building style cause that is when I was playing Roblox and building seriously the most.

I agree on your suggestions adding props such as some lanterns, benches, etc, to busy things up a little bit, and I plan on doing that, as I am building an entire city and those props will be necessary.

One thing I did was use invisible spot lights in front of the neon to shine back on it, as any lighting applied to those bricks basically did nothing.