Feedback - Clothing Store


I’m looking for some suggestions for a clothing store I’m working on, let me know what you think.



The only critique I would point out is your lack of prop variety - your trees and outline rocks are all the same asset, making it seem unnatural. Nature is often quite hard to get right, and the main detailing should be the focus (your store) so I wouldn’t worry too much.

Nice work!


I suggest at least varying the height of the trees. This would make the skyline look a lot more natural :). Other than that the build looks great!


I love the lighting!!! Really captures an old fashioned-vibe.

Although I would vary the nature a bit, and maybe put less parts into the rocks - seems like it could lag.

Looks good so far. The only thing I’d want to point out is the height of the trees. They’re just the same height. Try to vary the height of the trees. Otherwise, I like it

Looks really nice! Keep up the good work! :+1:

This is really well done! Looks great and the only thing I’d suggest is maybe a bathroom and or fitting rooms! Great work though. :+1:

Excellent as always. Is this a new Frappé V5?

I’ll probably make different kind of trees with varying heights, thanks for the suggestion!

The rocks aren’t very complex unions and given the fact the build isn’t all that large it holds up quite well even with the terrain water, but thanks for the suggestion!

Haha no :laughing:, Frappe V5 is being developed by someone else. The clothing store would originally include a small cafe sponsored by Frappe but it’s unclear if that’s still going through - if not it’ll be replaced by another group.

I love what you did with the frappe. Incorporating it in makes Roblox kinda feel like it’s own world even more now! Like how there are MacDonalds’ as their own shops but also in malls and stuff.
You could actually maybe hire some people in there.