[FEEDBACK] Coastal Line for Terrain

I’m making a state with a friend, and I suck at painting terrain, whats yalls feedback, how can I make this more realistic?


Looks really nice maybe make moss a little more moistish

Btw please put in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback

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Fixed and Thank you, what do you mean moistish? Like I said, I don’t do terrian work.

Ok so like make it more detailed and moist as like wet or maybe some plants hangin off it the more details the better y’know?

Ah, I understand now, sweet thank you!

Np good luck!


I’m just going to list things:

  • Add water since its a coastal line. This will make it instantly look better but add your key ‘landmark’ to it which will help you style it more.

  • Add rocks and bushes. I suggest low poly stuff but that’s a personal preference, If you don’t have any there is plenty of free models on the workshop which your can reshape, recolour and reuse. I suggest, depending on the type of coastal line your going for, adding heaps of rocks where the water and terrain meet.

  • Mess around with terrain colour as it looks to be the default and its very boring. I suggest brightening it up to lighter colours for the grass and slightly darker colours for the rocks. Also adding more terrain types i.e. brightly coloured slate will help diversify key points of the terrain which you want peoples eyes drawn to such as a rock or bush mound.

  • Adding things like washed up planks of wood to the bottom where the water meets can add further detail and alongside this if you really want to get adventurous then add more washed up goods such as plastic/glass items, pieces of metal, a dead body etc.

These are just some of the things which could be done. Please update the progress also so I can add more on to my suggestions and potentially make my own to give you a reference.