Feedback concerning game idea

So me and a few friends were planning to make a game about bacteria. It has little to no relation to the global pandemic. The only thing in the game that could possibly be related to this is the part where you need to wash your hands, but that could be changed easily.

We saw a few games get absolutely flamed by the Roblox community for making “virus simulator”. We are all a little worried so that we don’t get shut down by players. Do you guys think if we released the game around this time, would it get flamed? Do you think changing some mechanics would change the outcome? Please give me your thoughts.


I think you should probably wait until the pandemic is over. Even though it may not be your intention, people may think that you’re cashing in off of a global issue.


This might as well be the worst time to release it. My opinion is, make it during the pandemic, release it after it is over.
Might as well be a souvenir than be a mockery to the pandemic.


thank you guys! we are going to hold off on the game.