[FEEDBACK] Current Graphics Portfolio

All criticism will be taken well, please send me anything that could fix my style. It would help me.

Fonts are - Heavitas


I’ve moved this to Cool Creations since it’s a thread seeking more general feedback.

Thank you, I apologize. [30 characters]

Great, absolutely love it! The only thing is the backgrounds, I don’t think they fit with the rendering you are making.

May I ask for which one? And thank you for responding. :slight_smile:

Clubs sapphire with the space background looks off to me

Much oblige, thank you again for responding. :smiley:

My only complaint is the contrast between the text and background. I see this most in the last one, but the issue is present in all 3. The text should be a different color from the background behind it, or should have shadows or some kind of base so that it stands out more. Making it similar colors and lightness-es will make it blend in.

The renders look really good, I don’t see too much to change there! I do agree… the backgrounds could be improved and help the renders pop a little bit more. Also, try and use different colors for text for it to best stand out and be easily seen. Keep up the good work! :smile:

Thank you for giving me feedback! Much appreciated, and I will try and implement it.

It’s good, however one thing I would change is Saitama’s fist, since it doesn’t exactly fit with the rest (lines kind of float around). Overall, great job!

The first one is fine but maybe try adding a glass of milk or actual milk somewhere that is my only complain on that one. The second looks great good job on that. The third one needs a better background in my opinion try something like a city or you could of just made Saitama look cool fighting a monster with a colorful background. Great work though keep it up.

Really love the renders. One recommendation I think you should consider is having some props in your render, from the current view of the renders I dont seem to see anything that the characters hold which can possibly bring more detail and attention to the render. For example, in the Milk Cafe render, one recommendation would the character with has hand up holding a glass of milk.

Adding props to your character renders allows more detail to be seen, rather than just be a average character behind text. This brings more definition and avoids making the render be seen as a “general character render”. Other than that, love your work so far :slight_smile: