[FEEDBACK] Cyberpunk City

Hey everyone! My builders are currently working on a Cyberpunk City and I need constructive criticism on how we can improve it!


if I were to change anything, it would probably be to make the buildings a bit taller and closer to the street. It could also be beneficial to make the neon parts thinner/smaller, and definitely add some grey/different color tones on the buildings aside from just the bright neon.

Otherwise it’s a pretty cool looking build!


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I was worrying the neon would be a bit too much. Might ask them to tone it down a bit.

Hello there,
the city look great in my opinion but why the city to bright. can you use bloom at the lightning section to low the intensity of the bright on neon part and also the build it really nice made. not only look so cool but also really nice place to walk around to the city. that all for now and i will see you on the next reply…


Thanks for the feedback! I went through the lighting properties section and don’t see a bloom property. Is it somewhere else?

You have to insert it into lighting, it’s not a property of lighting.

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Personally I would modify the lightning, in order to make it more, “flow together” with the rest of the build. I would also look into possibly turning down the neon just a bit by having, slightly smaller pieces of neon instead of big blocks. Whenever I see big blocks of neon, especially at high graphics, they tend to glow to a point where it can be seen as eye soring or disturbing, which is why I typically use them as a “outline” when it comes to building. A possibly solution would be adding like a layer of transparent smooth plastic in front of the neon, to get rid of the ultra glow effect it gives off, but still be seen as neon. Other than that, love the build so far!


One thing i’d say would be to add some outside ambience: chairs, bins ect. Also retract some of the neon as it’s too much and maybe add some rain, if you feel like it

use bloom effect to low the lightning and the intensity of the bloom go “0” and if you low the city will looking good

Yeah we’ve got some outside ambience already. How do I add rain though?

Wow!! did a great job, I would like to inform you that it is perfect, you should only improve the neon glow present in all places, decrease it to see better and not cause eye teasing.
Another thing, add Decorations in all Game Locations and some Details like: Rolling GUI and Lighting.

Also, I loved the project!

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The neon is definitly too much, tone it down and look into making it less uniform as Cyberpunk is big, expansive and a messy reality full of precaursly bit building and wires being towered over my an above world metropolis.

Try looking at some examples from the interweb.

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Maybe add some wires running across from building to building with some hanging neon lights from the wires, other than that keep up the good work and I hope this helps!


Hey! So far I think it’s matching a good color scheme and I think you are on a good track! I’d make sure not to use multicolors for things like the zebra crossing for example, and lower the lighting levels, it looks brilliant but may hurt some peoples eyes after a bit.