[Feedback] Decoration suggestions needed

Hello dear Devforum members,
I’ve recently started to work on a game for an group in the SCP genre, and it came out to my mind that I was clearly uninspired for find some decorations assets ideas, so I’m doing this post in the purpose of getting some suggestions of assets I could put in this game (which is far from being done) for make it look unique and better.

Here is some screen from the game.

(This is the sector 2, it’ll be made from long hallways (but i’ll add some sub things such as office, checkpoint etc… for not make it too similar) + decoration. This is the first zone of the game where anomalies (SCPs) will be contained.

(Checkpoint where I’m planning to put some computers)

(Administrative hall which give access to administration bay, conference room and meeting rooms)

I started to work on this game recently so it’s far from being done, I not showed everything to you but I think it will be enought for you to be able to see how the site is looking and how I would like to make it.

For end this topic, I’ll just thanks in advance everyone who’ll suggestion, give feedback about how I could improve the hallways or the decorations.



Think about all the things groups use to contain SCPs. Scranton Reality Anchors, the Erasers etc. I highly suggest looking at the wiki.

First, I feel as though i’m looking in a parking garage. These halls are so huge that it makes the need for items to fit the space necessary. I could suggest metal/wood crates lines against the walls in areas, similar to how they are in the containers in the picture showing all the boxes. You could add some detail to the floor by adding paper scraps, or cracks to indicate it a bit worn down. You could park a forklift somewhere and add machinery since there are boxes on the shelves. Only way to get them down is through machinery or a forklift. You could add some doors along the walls of the hallway to give it a less empty feeling and the doors don’t even have to open.

These are just some of the ideas that I came up with. Hope this helps.


Thanks you for your suggestions

I’ll add doors in these hallways, It’s just that I’m working on the layout of it.

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