Feedback Desert Temple

Hello, I have been working on a desert temple and I need some advice/feedback.
This build took around 9 hours (wasn’t keeping track but close to that).
Thank you!


Nice and cool.

Part of the critique that is given towards a build is how well it fits into the game using it. Since this is just a build on its own, it’s hard to make any major judgments.
I will say, though, that in the second image, it appears as though the entire backside of the building has its weight resting on a single pillar on the left. This looks quite odd, and makes the build feel incomplete.

I have read other posts stating that this is considered spam, but I am not fluent in the rules of the forum or the terms of service, so I leave no further comment on that.

Anyways, you earn a thumbs up for Desert Temple quality. :+1:

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Its nice but it needs texture maybe put some sand on the steps on the walls that would make it look more natural, and also the middle of it is pretty empty, other than that it looks pretty good 9/10

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I can definitely add more pillars in the back to make it look for natural.

I was planning to keep it fully low poly but I can add textures and see how that looks!

Maybe some potted palm trees at the base? It already looks very good, just needs some desert background scenery :grin:

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idk how you do that, It’s amazing
you could do a fire effect or something if those things were meant to be a flame

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The structure looks magnificent. However, I would suggest you to make it have a color combination.

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Any suggestions for color combinations?

That is really impressive.

I kinda don’t see the logic in it though.
Like I don’t see what you would use it for.
Really confusing what I just said.

Orange with yellow (tip:use color shader if you need help for finding good colors) .
Keep in mind, the ceiling and/or wall color usually is never same as the floor color, other being honest, for some people it is hard to differentiate between the colors if it is night time.

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I built this for fun, wasn’t going to put this in a game or anything. This was going into my portfolio.