[Feedback] Drawn Thumbnail

Hello there, I am KneadMo. Recently, I got commissioned for a thumbnail, but I’ve barely any experience regarding drawing backgrounds.

This here below is the finished product:


It has already been delivered, so no changes will be made.
I’d like to know what I shouldve done differently. Like, colors, perspective, etc. or any mistake you could find. I mostly need the feedback here for my future thumbnails.


Hello there,
the art is really pretty, clean, cute and also adorable but on the topic, you have make was not 2d because of the shoulder of the noob so… here some image that was different on 3D and 2D

example of 3D:
the different you have to make here that the bottom of this image have more room compared to the 2D version

Example of 2D:
it just a flat shape that has not a lot of room so… can you change this a to a GFX for a better Feedback for other users… so change the topic and also have a good day

So cute, I love it! Well done, @KneadMo.

I dont know how to make gfx yet nor am I planning to, it seems a bit complex for me, haha. And youre right, changed the title cause of that.

No, it ok but also it was good start i really enjoy looking on it but maybe it was best to make tumbnail or a photo. if your great both of that maybe you try GFX next… maybe something impresive…anyway well done and also keep the work done :smiley:

Hi there! Your art is very impressive for not having drawn too many backgrounds. The characters are super cute and the colors go together very well! If you ever are trying to make sure that your colors do go well together, you can isolate certain shades on the website Coolors and see if other colors in your illustration match the randomly generated swatches it comes up with. Not the case for this illustration though, as the pastel colors are so nice together! :smile: Your animals are super adorable as well.

When I see people first starting to do backgrounds along with their characters, a problem I see often is the isolation of the background from the characters, or vice versa. Your background should be as dynamic as the characters! This is Roblox, and as such everything may be a little more blocky, but there is leeway to add varying line thickness to show perspective (which it looks like you’ve done with the character in the background!) and add life to your art.

(Example sketch to show what I mean)

This helps make sure that it looks like your character(s) are immersed and engaged with the environment you’ve put them in. There’s nothing wrong with using only straight lines too, that can just be a style choice! But there’s also nothing wrong with having more flow-y shapes in your art too. Some programs also give you the ability to set up a perspective grid, if not, the typical set-up for a perspective is a horizon line/vanishing point, and some line-grids to help you orient your characters and the environment (I use Procreate and Photoshop, though I’m not aware what capabilities PS has in this sense.)

I hope this helps a little bit!


THIS IS AMAZING. I haven’t thought about making the lines varying in size depending on the perspective! I’ve also seen that the drawing’s perspective is out of wack as I hadn’t used a perspective tool, will definitely try and find that on Krita. I’ll definitely incorporate these techniques into my future thumbnails if given the chance.

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Wow, this is super great!
I’m not an artist, so I don’t really have anything to critique on the drawing aspect, but I do have one suggestion for the text at the bottom. It seems a bit small, or even squished. Maybe making it a bit bigger or wider would be great. Keep up the good work!

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The thumbnail looks great overall! The shoulder of the noob looks off to me since it kinda look detached, but everything else looks great. Good job on this. :slight_smile:

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Hey @KneadMo. This is amazing.

Heyo @KneadMo it looks great m8!

I would say the humanoid looks very well, but the blocky avatar is kinda off looking the body is too flat and the head isn’t big enough. The grass in the background is unevenly drawn but as you said you don’t have much experience drawing backgrounds so that’s ok. I would suggest choose diffent colors of cats in the painting in the background rather than the cats shown. You did a excellent job on the pets very expressive! Lastly, I would not make the couch so stiff make it more rounded to appear more “soft and comfy.” Have a good day! :smile:

I was hoping no one would look at the world beyond the windows ;-;. And now that I look at it again, you’re right. The yellow robloxian figure’s proportions are whack, great find! Ty for the feedback!