[FEEDBACK] Feedback on desert

Hello guys, i need some feedback, i’m currently working on a map.

I appreciate your feedback.


It’s quite nice. May be add some more desert related stuff and I love the lighting.

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Looks great!
Although, consider adding some more scenary and perhaps replace the palm trees as they’re slanted.

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Great start but It looks a little bare. Try adding some dead bushes or bones/fossils.

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It’s a very nice map you’ve created, I particularly like the desert feel you’re going for. However, I do got a couple of suggestions that you should improve on your desert map in my opinion. It’s a bit early in development to make a post and ask for feedback.

One tiny detail I think would make a nice addition to the desert map is some cacti, rocks, flowers, mountains, dry grass ect. This should be added around different parts of the map, it doesn’t need to be much, but I think it will give a more realistic feel to it. In this map you should consider adding a pyramid as this will give this map a little more flair.

it’d be great to look at reference images before starting a build. Look at plenty of different types of deserts and how they work with each other. I would just consider adding simple details around the map such as dried trees, bones, thorn bushes, logs, dried plants and more there are a lot of things that are around desert maps I would try looking at some images to give you some ideas.

One more thing, I’d recommend just trying your best and making many different tree models as it’ll take a couple tries before you have something that looks great and realistic. Don’t give up, you won’t get it on your first try. It takes a lot of practice.

Overall, it’s looking quite good

Not a bad start. At the moment it’s pretty empty. I have to agree with what @dingbat567 said with adding bones/fossils that would fit in well. Another suggestion is to take a look at images of deserts and get some insight from that. Here’s some suggestions/ideas I have that you can look into:

  • Building ruins
  • Dead bushes
  • Hill ranges
  • Rocks, small caves or sand dunes

However, a great start to making a desert :ok_hand:
Edit your post and post updates I’ll be happy to look at what you have updated and give you some more feedback :)!

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Wow! I reallh appreciate your desert! It’s well made and the sceneic view is so remarkabld!
But, well to be honest, add an abandoned car, or structures in the desert to make it more realistic.
Also, it’s more recommendable to place a thumbleweed in the desert if you can do it.

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