[FEEDBACK] Finished Car GFX Orders

I just finished a order for a great customer which was very kind, i personally think it looks great.

But i would like to hear your opinions too , and what i can improve on.

Yes, my orders are open, check my portfolio for more info


Looks awesome! But some of the pictures are tilted. I think you should work on that (unless the customer asked for it to be tilted) Other than that, great job!

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They are supposed to be tilted to add more drama in the image,

But thanks!

Love the concept and layout. Some things I’d change or touch-up on are,

1. Lighting- I’m assuming this is C4D but I really don’t know. Blender or C4D both have amazing capabilities of lighting. Adding reflections to the cars and proper lighting will make these images just that much more pleasing to look at.

2. Also you added the motion blur to the one images but not for the others? It would of helped show that they were moving. But I can see why you may of done it.

Overall great designs, but I can’t urge it enough to learn lighting for whatever software you used for this is essential to becoming a amazing GFX Artist. You got great potential can’t wait to see future work from you!

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I’ve used Blender and i did add reflections.

I also did add motion blur to all pieces.

I’d add HDRI’s to your reflections then.

Alright, thanks for the feedback.

But i just realised reflections were not used for the icon but were on the other two, it should be noticeable

It’s hard to spot any personally but it’s really style preference, like if you look at how Emergency Response: Liberty County’s GFX Artist did their thumbnails.

Hey ! Love these images, but the two last ones definitely don’t have enough light as we can barely see the cars… especially on the one on the right.

It’s not supposed to be bright, it was supposed to have a night theme and i was supposed to make it NFS themed, so i did the same as they did. Thanks for the comment though

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What I mean by improving lighting is that we can barely see the cars, just make the cars a little brighter so we can at least distinguish them. Sorry if that’s not what was asked though…

To be honest, the icon and the thumbnail with the gas station are the only thing that seems alright, the thumbnail that focuses on the headlight however seems pretty bland.

I would suggest using volumetric lighting (especially at a night setting), rematerialize the objects, and as much as possible try doing everything rendered (smoke, thunder, rain)

Don’t overwork your post editing, they are usually the ones that makes the graphics bad.

Anyways great composition and I’m excited to see your future works! :smiley:

Thanks, I like using photoshop and it’s what I use in most graphics and I don’t really like doing it in blender.