[FEEDBACK] Finished Fantasy Village House

Tried to remake something I saw from online. This is going to go in a game I’m working for :slight_smile: !



My build:

fantasy build
fantasy build2
fantasy build3
fantasy build4
fantasy build5
fantasy build6

I’d like some feedback on how I can make it better. I feel like it needs something to make it fully finished, but I don’t know what.


Overall a great looking build, especially if it is your first time creating this kind of style I do got a couple suggestions for you:

Since the building looks unfinished I would recommend to make a difference would be to possibly add some windows in the back of the house with other designs on it, this could include some windows with frames on it if you don’t know what I’m talking about I’ll leave an image below so it could fill the house a bit more maybe consider adding some windows that open, it could really add a nice touch to the build. However are you going for a low poly theme, or a more realistic approach? I would try placing some textures on build instead of using the plastic material.

I would definitely add some variation to the roof. The way you’ve done is good, however the rest of the roof is just flat and plain, maybe consider making the roof out of tiles or the way you’re doing it right now maybe rotate the other parts different degrees. In my opinion you could try placing a small chimney somewhere on the roof with some smoke particles coming out of the chimney. This will be quite easy to do and will look extremely good.

Other than that, very well done! Best of luck with improvements.




It looks pretty good overall but low poly has less pointed and more rounded edges, but over all :smile: it’s great

thanks for the feedback! I’m trying to go for a low poly theme actually. I’ll add the things you suggested. tysn

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Looks great! I’ve replied to your other topic with more suggestions with more detail but I’d recommend playing around with the lighting to give the building a more low-poly type of style, but it looks good and I can’t wait to see what you do with it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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