[FEEDBACK] First Attempt at Low-Poly Style Build

Hey! So I just recently began modeling on Roblox once again after quite a break, and discovered that the low-poly style had piqued my interest. Likewise, I decided to utilize that style of build in a new game that I am currently making. I would like some feedback on my creation of the world so far, I made everything you see, so please be as specific as possible when leaving suggestions! I am especially concerned about the log cabin, as it is my first ever attempt at modeling a building. Thanks!


Hi, I’m really impressed with your Low-Poly style build!
The cabin looks really comfortable and the scene really looks relaxing!
Though I’d suggest the trees to be one model and not different, because you used different trees for the forest which would ruin the appearance a little bit.
Since I see your making a forest full of conifers, I suggest you add these kinds of trees and only one model for it.

In all, I really appreciate your Low Poly build and hope you continue your development in this.


Nice build you have made here for a, first attempt! I would definitely suggest adding some more vegetation around the cabin because it’s pretty plain try adding a fence, chair, stack logs, ect. I’d like to give you some more suggestions.

This is really good for your first time building low poly! A thing I suggest, though, is to probably add some more detail to the roof of the cabin because it does look rather flat and plain try placing some wooden shingles to it just to give it that feel to it I’ll leave an image below if you don’t understand what I mean. I’d also recommend adding some more environmental plants throughout the map such as rocks, more variety of trees, mushrooms, grass, bare tree, and more.

Other than that I like it and I can see potential with this. Just try filling the map up a lot more instead of having bits of trees here and there next to the cabin try placing them around the entire map or if you’r planning on making this look like a forest overall great job.

Cabin Roof


Pretty nice builds, I suggest adding a variation of heights at the second level platform.

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What do you guys think I should do for the foliage? How about the lighting? I’ve tried adding grass before, however it made my game lag to the point where it was practically impossible to play the game – and I have a great computer. Though, it’s possible I added a bit too much.

Your trees are pretty nice but You should have a litter more variety. Also, it seems more detailed than your house, so you should probably improve the house.

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The lighting in my opinion looks nice but if your trying to go for a more realistic lighting there are a couple of tutorials here on the forum so try going from there.

Overall, it looks awesome! The only thing I think could look better is the grass foliage, but I think if you scaled it up and made it look a little taller and maybe thicker it could look good. But since it’s still in development defiantly try adding the full details around the map by expanding the trees, making different types of plants and others I’m thinking that would be a really nice touch, and maybe add a small dock by the pond.

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Wow. Thats crazy for your first attempt. Very good

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When you say grass foliage, do you mean I should add mesh parts for grass? If so, in high abundance or in small patches?

This is amazing! I like how you built that cabin, and the graphics of everything! Keep up the great work. :grin:

Yes, I’ll make the grass out of mesh parts try making them in small patches.

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