[FEEDBACK] First Attempt on Low Poly Map

Hello guys! Ramen here! So, this time I’m bring you a hell styled map, my FIRST EVER attempt on 3d modelling and map creating. Everything made on the map was learned in one day only. What do you guys think about it?


bruh this looks so sick!
the only thing i would do is expand the lava further out so its difficult to see the ends of them


The map is so epic! Keep up the good work! I think it would be a great idea to add a volcano.

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Thank you so much man! I’ll surely do that! Just made lava shorther so i could know what to do lmao. I can’t believe my first attempt turned out well!

Thanks dude! I was actually planning to add a volcano but couldn’t figure out how to. :sweat_smile:

Forgot to tell it lol. You could add lava lakes and rivers.

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Holy Moly. It’s looking really sick!

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Thanks man!! Can’t believe my first attempt went so well!

I’m really liking this map you have!
I think you should darken the rocks/path as they stand out a tad too much

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The map looks so good I think you should add a volcano and its so good for a 1st attempt. Keep up the good work man!

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not bad but try a slightly higher color pallet

Since this is your first attempt of a Low-Poly map, I really liked it! The style of it looks very fantastic, and I like how it really fits as a low-poly style. It really brings creativity to the map.

The building itself looks very decent, but I would recommend to add more details around the map since it looks like a volcano kind of map you could try adding some bones, crates throughout the map just to give it that feel to it I genuinely think that should be added just to make it a lot better. I’ll add some crates on the map so the lava could go inside of it falling into the bigger area of lava.

You could try working on adding the little bits of things, because the little details make the build stand out.

Overall for a first attempt good job.

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You did a really good job on this, the only thing I’d suggest is maybe add some black to parts instead of a monochromatic red tone. Since this is like a volcanic area I think some black would like quite otherwise everything looks really nice.

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Thanks man! I’ll surely consider that if i ever make another map :sweat_smile:

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