[FEEDBACK] First big piece of terrain ive done!

hello, i made some terrain my first big ‘finished’ terrain and i would like some feedback on it

Place link: Terrain test - Roblox
also if this is in the wrong topic kindly let me know and i will move it.

Best way to format your feedback to make it easier for me to read.
Realistic-ness - (your feedback, rating out of 5)
Detail - (your feedback, rating out of 5)
Style - (how it looks compared to mountains) (your feedback, rating out of 5)
Would you use this - (your feedback, rating out of 5)
Pricing - (how much would it go for, not saying i will sell it but this will give me an idea of the quality
Anything else (what you dont like maybe)

Thanks in advance for feedback!

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Great work! I have basically zero experience with terrain, so I can’t comment on the quality of your work. From an outsider’s perspective, it looks great! My only real suggestion would be to make it less holey/have fewer indents.

Also, unfortunately, this is the wrong topic. Try Cool Creations, under Help and Feedback. Good luck!

pretty good for the first time, although i would suggest smoothing out the terrain, not making it so bumpy

Thank you @Secretum_Flamma @MmadProgrammer, yes I know it’s a bit blocky i will fix that next time. Thanks for the feedback

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When ever I put something into a topic that needs to get approved it never does…so I’ll leave it here

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I’d add some trees and rocks along with smoothing the terrain.
ROBLOX has also recently added a grass feature on the grass terrain. It can be turned on by selection terrain in the work-space and enabling Decorations.

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Moving topic to cool creations

We need a feedback topic when people can for any kind of feedback, scripting building, ui, terrain, artwork

Won’t let me move the post to a different topic

Very nice for your first try, Though I would recommend you to use the “Grow” tool and add a few details with the Rock Texture. It gives a more Aesthetic feel and rocky nature to the hill. I would also recommend you to add a few details to the shore image so that it looks more aesthetic.

Very good otherwise, Keep it up! :clap::grin:

Thanks for feedback, I didn’t know how to fix the shoreline it was all blocky

This is very good for a first, I like how you’ve made mountains to this and sand to add realistic to this,
My suggestion would maybe use a smooth tool on the mountains so its less blocky and more of a rough terrain, with this fix I would definitely use it,

Another suggestion is maybe adding in a cave and/or tree’s to the terrain.

Right now I would pay 150 - 350 robux for this terrain as it currently is,
If you added these suggestions I would price it at 250 - 500 robux

if I missed anything please do tell me.

Wow I would of priced this at 75 robux, but it’s better than what I thought, yes I will make it less blocky

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For a start, it is good. The terrain is kind of spiky and looks weird. You could add some rocks on the sides of hills and maybe smooth it out, a lot.
Over all-terrain: 2
You could add stuff like trees, bushes, and even use the new Roblox grass (Check “Decoration” in “terrain” in workspace).
Terrain Detail: 2

It’s a Really good start tho, keep working with terrain :smiley:

Realistic - I’ll give this a 4/5
Detail - I’m not entirely sure how I can rate this, the only types of terrain I see are water, sand, and grass. Try out using the new grass feature with Roblox as well, as it is a really good addition to the look of terrain. I’m not rating on trees, etc seeing as this post is about terrain.
Style - For this I’ll have to give an honest 3/5. The shape of the mountains looks good, but I feel like it needs a more rocky type of terrain. Possibly Basalt? I do think the look of the area does give me an island type of feel though, and the mountains look pretty impressive from farther away.
Would I use it? - I would not use it, mostly because of the fact I don’t do many terrain based games. However, if I am ever to make an exploration or escape-type game, I might do something similar (Think a game such as Isle.).

Other comments: As I said earlier, I feel like there isn’t enough detail showing the mountains are actually, mountains. Try using some different textures on the terrain. Another thing, in the second photo there are a couple of pieces that really just out from the terrain, try smoothing them out a bit so it doesn’t look so, blocky and more natural. Overall, if this is your first big peice of terrain, good job, and keep learning!