(FEEDBACK) First Ever Showcase (House)

I would like some feedback on the house I’ve built, you can play it here at
House Showcase

Feedback as harsh as you want, I’m a new builder so anything is appreciated, it might be bad to some but I thought it was alright :man_shrugging:

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Considering the fact that it is your first ever house you’ve made to your fullest ability, I would say it is not that bad, you handled the building very well and got a nice outcome!

Regarding the house, it kinda has just one shape to it which is alright, but try adding a more proper roof like an overhang with a different material on it and the building itself. The roof is pretty flat, and the stairs are quite large. The door has no detail whatsoever – as in, it lacks a frame and a handle. Yes, the material is slightly odd inasmuch that the building seems to have one material placed on it, but I think that should be a secondary concern to a beginner builder.

I would always use a real house or an image off of google as a template when you are making a house, that’s because it will help you get the full detail of what’s inside the house and on it, now regarding this build it could use some windows on the walls and the large glass window in the back can be split into a sliding door you can also add designs on windows such as the frames and grids.

I’d also consider adding furniture or a carpet inside the house or different kind of flooring instead of wood I’ll definitely work on that, but since this is your first house, it’s pretty nice. Other than that you’ve done a nice job. I’ll just try to fill up the land so it won’t look too empty.


Taking into account of it being a first attempt, you did a decent job. You’ll eventually get better at building if you keep on practising, so keep it up! Remember to anchor your build though, some of it was un-anchored when i joined the game. Use a humanoid to get an idea of the scale of the build, in order to make sure not to oversize things. Good luck.


Is this just general advice, or was something in game particularly oversized?
-Void Frost