[FEEDBACK] First Ever Stars Wars GFX

Hello, I’m Sylvern. I’ve just started learning how to do GFX, and I have just finished my very first design. Looking for feedback on it! Feel free to give me some suggestions on how to improve, etc.


Looks good for a first render! What id do is just use a lightsaber model from a 3D models site and adding emission using nodes. And using a rig and it can look like this, another thing I’d recommend is working with HDRI and shading manually! If you want some tutorial links I can message you :slight_smile:


It looks pretty good for a first design! The shadow could be worked on a bit and maybe have like the grass right underneath the lightsaber burnt.

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Look very well done if I dont say myself.
I suggest to add more lighting on the face and the other side to make the avatar be seen more.
Great lighting of the light sabers. Better than I ever could do lol.

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I would recommend posing the character.

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I’d suggest making the render in a dark environment and giving the saber a glowing effect, it will look pretty cool after doing these changes in my opinion. Another thing is the players pose, he needs a pose.


I’d say tit looks pretty nice but, the clothing is too low-quality and the grass it way to bright, I would suggest maybe pose that avatar in a swinging pose to make the Render look more dramatic with blue or red lighting in the background to show that there either Light or Dark side. Anyway, you did pretty good have a good day! :smile:

Yeah that was the WIP, just wanted to show a feel of how little details can really change the outcome