[FEEDBACK] First gun I've ever created using blender!

I’ve been using blender for a few weeks now and I’ve created some things in it before like some melee weapons for a game I’ve been brainstorming based off Albion Online.
BUT I just created my first gun in blender (this is for roblox ofc) and I’d like some feedback on how I can improve it

Edit: both sides of the gun untextured



In aesthetic terms, your gun looks amazing. It appears to resemble the FAMAS though I would say it would be an SMG due to how compact it is.

I will start to get technical now, since if you’re going to use this in an FPS, I would suggest a few edits. These will make the gun look better, and more accurate, anyway if you’re using them for third-person-shooting/RCL clanners.

  • The iron sights needs this or they literally won’t be able to aim.

  • I no not the size of this gun but that thing is just to thick (unless this is a massive or tiny gun). Just imagine how uncomfortable it would be to separate your index finger from the rest if your fingers with that there.

Other than that, great job!

It looks very cool I love it. I wonder how do you make models in blender and texture them

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I can definitely tell that you have put in a lot of effort into this. Although I’m not sure how you’d position the player’s hands to hold the tool though.

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If it’s actually your first ever creation using blender than excellent!

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In my perceptive, it is very unique for your first build. But consider thinking that it will be a tool. You must think about the thickness and size. It would be extremely uncomfortable to separate your index finger from the rest-of your fingers. Otherwise, very good!

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Thanks for the input! I don’t plan on using them for any games atm its just for practice.

also its not any kind of existing gun irl I used a few different reference images of other 3d weapon creations for this

Its not my first creation ever but it is my first gun ever lol