Feedback first homestore

this is my first time tryna build a Homestore kind of style


You should change the topic to #help-and-feedback:cool-creations


If it works as a functional homestore and you plan to have a two level building, you should add a stair
(Although you could have planned that already considering the building isn’t done. If so, apologies)

You should lower the windows in the storefront since it’s too high and also try experimenting with the colors since it would look plain and dull if you’re only using 2 solid colors for the building.

You did good for your first try :+1:


The windows are very open which is normal for a homestore, but I think this has odd and too large of windows. It should be bigger and form a better shape. The colors are kind of unappealing.

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I believe this belongs in the #help-and-feedback:cool-creations category. Other wise your build looks good.

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Nice for a first! I like the wedge roof idea. But you could make it bigger and add some decorations and a huge sign that says the homestore name, behalf on that, great building, very simple, smooth and clean. Keep inproving by watching youtube videos and checking the forum for suggestions! :grinning:

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Looks alright! It has a bit of a bland color implemented to it through, I’ll consider using reference images to get a full idea on what color pallet to add to your home store and decorations.

A better design in the build would be “decreasing the height of the windows”. The current one doesn’t quite fit well with the approach i’m assuming your going for. Finding a different window design would look more appealing to it, choosing different styles would fit the building look have you consider using reference images of the things your trying to relate or replicate inside studio?

It needs more placements on the buildings and the surrounding area. The blue color scheme is plain perhaps use a site to find a perfect color pallet. Overall it’s a alright build continue to add objects implemented to it.

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make the windows on the second story smaller.

Might want to work on lighting inside homestore and CastShadow. Building generally needs some work but the idea of the roof and windows is fairly good!