[FEEDBACK] First Time Designing Guns

Hey! I tried out making guns for the first time the other day. Since it’s my first time trying to make them I’d appreciated feedback on how to improve them. Thanks in advance!



amazing work how is the your first time designing guns???


The models are really nice for the first time, the general shape is there, however do you mind taking screenshots of different angles of the pistol? There is a clear lack of detail on the body, such as the take down level next to the trigger when it come to the real life image. It is important to add some minor details to it, however since its low poly it doesn’t need to feature all the details at the start it looks good I don’t think those small parts won’t be added since it won’t be too noticeable to players.

Also the color or texture looks good will there be some type of texture on the rifle like a light gray with some dark grey mixed with it?


Thanks! I can do that just give me a bit to get those. I’ll take all of your advice into consideration for the next pistol I make. I wasn’t sure how much detail to add since it was low poly. Most of the black rifles I could find were just one solid color so I just went with that, but I could definitely do that to make it look better.


Thanks! I don’t know it just is.


Your work is amazing for the first time! :smile:


  • Plenty of room for detail in both weapons (Primarily the second weapon.) Details in the grip, stock, muzzle, and magazine.

  • Maybe add a disassembly lever on the pistol and further detail the grip as mentioned. (Make sure it has all the basic parts that make up a gun.)

  • The sniper rifle is a great blank template to add plenty of detail (As I presume you will add.) including holes, grip detail, bolts that hold the gun together, etc.

  • Add a variety of color in your rifle as well!

It truly depends on the look you’re going for. So far its a great low poly template and has lots of promise! :grinning:


I like both of the designs and im really impressed that this was your first time. I will be honest with you if that is okay. The pistol is well detailed. I like that a lot. The Sniper is good too but it Needs a Little more Details. Im really impressed About the shapes and designs. Well Done :smiley:


Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. I’ll be sure to work on it to make it look the best I can.


Thanks! Yeah, I’m looking for honesty on this post to better my work. Yeah, I plan on adding more detailing to the sniper. Thanks again!


No Problem and Good Luck with detailing the Weapons. :3


Really good design of guns, looks like guns from Strucid. :tada:

actual feedback

  • Remove this part of the sniper, it looks ugly.image

  • Make the pistol a bit bigger.

  • Make 3 curves on the pistol instead of 2. Looks more stylish. Make the third curve on the top.


I rate that a 8.5/10 really good for a first time design. :clap:

I would pay 200-300 robux for that 2 models.

Keep up with the good work!


I really like your ideas and you have the basic shapes down!

There is a couple pieces of feedback I’m going to give:


If you’re intending to make a Glock, the highlighted parts do not extend out, they are actually grooves.

  • The muzzle could definitely have a bit of detail like holes.
  • The forestock of the rifle could be longer.
  • The magazine doesn’t connect directly to the barrel. I think what you could do is hide the part where the barrel and magazine connects.
  • Barrel of the rifle is too elevated.
  • Grip of the sniper could be scaled up because it looks a bit too small to me.

You definitely are on the right track though. A good way to really improve your designs are by examining real life pictures of guns and good quality gun models made by other people on Roblox.


Thanks! I’ll take that stuff into account.

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Thanks! I will take your advice into account. I’ll try to improve like you said by using real life pictures.

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Really good job for your first time. Can’t wait to see how you improve over time


Very nice models! You could possibly try messing about with adding some textures onto these!

I can’t believe this is your first them - they are amazing!

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Thanks! I really appreciate it.

Thank you! I’ll try that soon. Thanks again!

That is amazing for your first attempt, never would’ve thought of that for a first attempt. Very good work and keep it up!

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Thank you so much! (30 Characters)

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