Feedback for a game created in a 2008 Roblox Studio client

This game was created in an older version of Roblox Studio (June 18, 2008). I did this as a fun novelty to see if my building skills hold up to an older client. And for a finished product, it looks pretty good!

I would like some opinions and feedback for the game here. It’s a small but decorative showcase of a mountain connected to a miniature island. Work took at minimum 3 hours non-stop.

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask them :smile: I’m open to criticism and will use them for future projects!

KEEP IN MIND that this game does not support the 2008 client due to newer Roblox versions adding certain features that aren’t in the older client. I DO have the original place file that I used for the 2008 client and it does work, however I’m not sure if I should upload it here.


Don’t know what I should’ve expected. The jumping physics are a little scuffed but everything else seems to work as they should.

shouldve known that myself. the course was tested in the older client so you might have different results.