Feedback for a naval game

I’ve been working on this game for more than 6 months, and have received a lot of feedback for it before.
I have vastly improved the scripting, models, and UI. The gameplay is a lot more fun as well because you can fly any plane you launch. I also added a far better tutorial. Yes, I know I don’t have a thumbnail. I will be getting one soon. Please give some honest feedback, I won’t get offended at all or anything.
Thank you.


Can I please have some feedback?

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Hello, while playing the game I did not understand the main objective, plot, or general understanding of the buttons.

  • I recommend you adding a Tutorial option detailing on what the buttons do specifically.

  • The UI can be updated to modern base and I also suggest instead of using an Image Label you use a custom menu with a scene in the background portraying your game.

  • While playing I did not find the environment appealing eg: Atmosphere, lighting, and bloom. Try adding custom skyboxes or changing up some colors!

Hope this helped! Have a nice rest of your day :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you played the game, was the gameplay ok?
How can I make the environment better?
Also, I’m pretty sure there is a tutorial.
I can try to improve the menu UI, but unfortunately, my UI art design skills are worse than my intellectual abilities lol.
Again, thank yuo for your advice!

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The gameplay was okay, If you add more things like cosmetics that would be cooler.
There are several videos of ways you can add environmental affects on youtube!
I couldn’t find the tutorial
I dont mean the UI I meant the background instead of having an image why dont you make a cutscene, use a part as camera, or something like that to demonstrate your game like a title screen.
Dont be pressured to do all of these their simply my ideas and you do not have to take any into account, you’re welcome :+1:

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Nah, these are really good ideas. I know how to make a shop system. I just won’t implement this yet until the game gets players (if it ever does lmao) but they will be for aircraft skins.
The tutorial was under the players vs players button. I will try to make a better main menu.
Thanks again.

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For the background of the main menu, what I’m going to do is fabricate some screenshots using roblox studio and use math.random to set them as the background.

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This is an interesting situation right now. New players seem to be quite confused. People tend to stay and have more fun if I’m there and tell them what to do. I saw a new player launch bombers on defense and not launch a single airstrike. How do I make the game easier to understand? Some people don’t even know they can fly a plane! I’m pretty sure this is explicitly stated in the tutorial.
Why do people not read the tutorial?
Is it too long?
Or did I do a horrendous job with U.I design?