Feedback for a new game - Ball Brawl - a shooter on a randomized map with destructible buildings

Hi all :slight_smile:
I need a feedback for a game, on which I am working - ballistic shooter with rounds and rankings. Map is generated each round and all buildings on it can be destroyed.
All weapons are available during the testing (normally will be unlocked through gameplay progression).
I’d love to hear some opinions and feedback about things which you like or don’t like and what can be improved.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Very cool idea!! would definitely work!

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I added now several AI players, which will be active if the human players are less than 4
For now they are only running around the map, but I’ll make them able to shoot soon :slight_smile:

Now the AI players are able to shoot at you and are rather accurate.
They can make frags and even can win the match.
I would love to hear some feedback whether they are too challenging or not good enough yet :slight_smile: