Feedback for a small little garden house

I made this in about an hour, any feedback welcome

I rushed the back wall a little bit


I think it looks amazing. Maybe you should put some more plants on the other side of the house

The build looks really good! Maybe you can add some more plants! :herb:

Looks amazing! Only thing I would add to make it really pop would be Vines up the brick wall, then it would look awesome. Great job!

Good start, but I think the build needs a little more work. Here are some things I would tweak

  • the trees are clipping inside the house
  • the color of the windows isn’t very good, if it’s supposed to reflect the sky then set higher reflectancey, if it’s supposed to be transparent and look inside of the house then make it darker cause I don’t think the inside of the house is a bright blue.
  • what is the purpose window on the roof? I can’t tell the functionality of it. on the inside is there some ladder leaning up against the wall that you climb up to look out the window? I would expand the house or just remove it
  • the wall to the right of the door looks very plain, I would add lighting or some vegetation like vines going up the wall

Looks great! Design is really good, but I think it needs some more plants.

10 out of 10. Great style. Looks Amazing!