Feedback for a Small Modern Homestore

Hello, I’m Dev and I’m a builder

The other day I made this Modern Homestore.

I went with a simple yet eyecatching design (atleast for me it is) I wanted to share my build and get ideas from other builders and developers, I’m looking forward in the future to sell this build.

Sold the homestore.



nice, simple ,sleek and modern great work


Thanks! I appreciate your feedback.


Needs to have a different look than a regular average homestore that everyone uses also the color is very bland for the outside and could be changed, also by having the walls a different color on the inside (by having a different block on it to make it different) is a way to make it feel more homely. Other than that it looks good.

I might do that, Thanks for your feedback!

Very nice build, I like its design. I think with more attention to finer details this has great potential.
Well done nonetheless!

Thank you, I’ll try to think for more interior design!

Doesn’t have enough variety imo. It uses the same three colors throughout the build and no features that particularly catch the eye, other than the front entrance. I would also recommend making different layouts/styles for the clothing stands, as right now they’re all just the same wooden rectangles with neon stripes. However I will point out the building has a unique shape and isn’t just a standard box, but I think you could really expand upon this and give the building much more personality. Try adding a balcony on one of the floors, or make the roof overhang and have some beams supporting it.

This is a breathtaking word. There are no words to describe how beautiful and talented your build is.
Your builds are amazing and are improving daily.
I really think 2021 will be your year.
Don’t give up since your builds are amazing and never underrate them, because they can’t get underrated.


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Thanks, I might do some of the things you adviced.

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I love this!!! The modern theme and colour scheme is awesome for this, I also like how it’s different comparing too colourful “aesthetic” home stores on roblox nowadays. I would go for more of a warm oak brown with the dark grey if you want more of a fancy look. Some other people would call this “bland” but sometimes that can be a very aesthetically pleasing thing when you combine two common colours like these. Keep up the great work!

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Thanks for your feedback! I’m looking forward in the future to make more homestores.

Thank you very much, 2021 will be my year!

Perfect for a clothing homestore , just try to make interior and colours on the walls more attractive else it’s 10/10.

Thanks, I’ll try doing those next time I make a homestore!

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