Feedback for game factory UI

What can I add to my main menu UI for my Scream Factory game I’m currently making?

I feel like there is something missing that makes it empty, (it needs scripts for animations of course)

Here is the image of the UI I made right now:

The design was made by Microsoft designer. but looks kind of great.

Any ideas?


Not bad, I like the buttons base a lot but it kind of makes everything else look bad. Here are some tips for improvement:

  • Remove the back border as it feels weird.
  • Add a drop shadow to the buttons.
  • Make the text in the buttons glow by using an image.
  • Make the title text bigger than that of the buttons and make it glow as well.
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This factory game UI looks GREAT! NICE JOB ON IT!

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the blue background frame just doesn’t fit with the detailed look on the buttons.

based on all your tips, i updated the UI, and i think it looks better


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