Feedback for game icon!

Hello, I have made some icons in, I started today. I think this is best what I can do and I want to show it to you guys and rate it 1/10. Thank You.

Some Questions.

  • Would you click it?

  • Is it looking fun?

  • Why people would not like it?

  • Why people would not click it?


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The GFX looks nice, but I feel like the stroke is bland. I would recommend making the letter stroke white.


While this isn’t bad for a start, it definitely got some room for improvement. However, i’d like to point out that i really like the blurry background in addition to the colors used.

Since this is a parkour which basically is an obby to some extent, you paid great attention to the audience your game is targetting and the icon really fits well in terms of bright colors, exciting blur etc…

Although, i would suggest you to work more on the text everything else looks great for a start.

Carry On !

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I made new version!

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Already looks way better, i can definitely tell the difference. Carry on, i really appreciate the effort.