Feedback For Game [OBBY] [1 Month Progress]

Hello Fellow Developers.

Past Month I have Made This Obby/Parkour It Was Fun To Made It Has 70 Stages.
I Would have some feedback Thanks!


Sorry if I sound harsh,
the game looks like one of those Escape something obbies

-Make it R6
-Try to make it look a bit more appealing and unique, if people see a game like this most of them will leave it because it looks like your generic obby game
-Try to make the obstacles feel unique too for example: Hanging platforms, spinning platforms, tightropes
-Maybe make the GUI a bit less overwhelming

The game can become more popular if you make it unique and make it not look like all those generic obby games out there on the Roblox platform.
Other than that the game is fine to play. 5.5/10


Its ok but some flaws are:

  • The UI isent scaled right where its to big and I cant see where I’m going on its off my screen
  • So parts are so easy you don’t even have to jump
  • 5th level you can just walk across
  • you spawn in facing the wrong direction

Its a cool obby and I do think you should keep going but I would fix those (There may be more issues but didn’t get that far)

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Can you put image of the Uis so I can see how bad are they scaled. Thanks!

they are supper big, I would scale them way down


I see I see … I will scale them down when I have Time Thanks For Reporting!

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It looks like Mega Fun/Easy Obby type game, but the skip stage button is straight up STOLEN from Mega Easy Obby :star2: 650 Stages!