[Feedback for GFX] New GFX! Suggestions needed

Hi everyone, I have been working on a another angle of GFX from my previous suggestions provided from @Tedwai @NorthEternal @BrokenPhysics5. I made a new GFX and would like suggestions and ideas for my next GFX as well as criticism on this one. As always, I would love if you give me honest criticism rather than being nice as it helps me out greatly.

As always, thanks for stopping by and having a look. Have a wonderul day :slight_smile:


Wow, I really like this gfx. The only thing I would recommend is brightening the front of this character so the car lights don’t cover up the face since they are behind the person. Otherwise great gfx I love it!

Alright, I added a bit of the light to right and left side of the face as to make it more realistic and to potray that the lighting coming from the backlights of the car is very brights compared to the surroundings. Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

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Hello, I would suggest changing the car lights material to emission in Blender, rather than putting a light behind it. The character on the ground is also clipping with the Double yellow lane on the street. image To make this render more realistic, I would also suggest adding a pbr texture to the street and adding a brick pbr texture to the walls of the buildings. A depth of field effect would also enhance the scene by making the buildings and street lights in the back a little less visible. I really like the scene here, and I think you could be successful in Graphic Design in the future! Keep up the good work!

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It’s a alright GFX, there are some issues I see with the overall lighting.

The photo shows a somewhat red - white light coming of the car back lights it almost looks like it’s glowing however (back lights don’t look that bright in the real world the bright lighting is something that you’ll see if the car was turned around facing directly at the character) i find yours is a little to bright since it’s casting lighting effects on the front arm, face, hair, character itself ect.

The lighting seems a little out of place in my opinion, there isn’t no shadows casting on the character on the floor since the other character is standing on him. Back lights don’t have the same appearance as front head lights so the lights shouldn’t bright most of the road up it would normally cast where the characters are.

Although it looks good, the issue is with the, lighting fixing that could improve the overall design:

(Showing a few problems wrong with the lighting casting on characters and almost the entire road)

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