Feedback for hallway

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New builder here, wanted to try to make a better hallway. Need some feedback, tried some new shapes but I don’t think it blended well. Tried to model em somewhat like real life hallways. Also, don’t suggest to fix one of the red lines seeming like ones to short or it looks like I can see outside, I fixed that. And ignore the spawn.


How much should I limit it to?

Too many colors. Stick to one color palette. Also this build looks like it’s made entirely with 1 stud increment and it’s just uncomfortable.

I actually used .01 stud increment. Though, I do agree now that there are way too many colors.

.01 increment isn’t good either since it will make build feel chaotic and irregular. I recommend using increments like 0.5, 0.25, 0.1 or similar so you can maintain the grid. Make sure that not all parts are just stuck to the same increment or it looks blocky.

Could you specify which kinds of objects should I use .5 or .25 in (like .25 for roof and .5 for a specific wall. Or just mix it up how I like.

You use them as you like. I use 1 or .5 for general layouts, .25 for details, .1 for tiny details and .125 sometimes if needed.

Improved version. Limited it to Green, Red, Blue. Anymore things I can fix? (I’ll do the increments and walls not being symmetrical later.

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Theme was supposed to be granite and fabric but it didn’t look good with just those two materials so I tried to experiment. In fact, let me try to stick to my theme

Recolored, tried to stick to the theme,

Recolored, stuck to theme, redesigned some things. Final product, gonna change some things based on responses from before and after.

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I would personally remove the ‘windows’ on the edges, or just space them out, and the red lines on the top just because they don’t fit, change the texture of the walls and/or colour of them to fit the ground or roof better!

hm, which one are you referring to as windows? the symbols that have empty spaces between them or the big granite blocks?

I’m talking about the symbols, I just feel like they don’t really fit as much as they should.