Feedback for my 2nd Logo Design

Hello Community, just wanna get feedbacks about my 2nd logo design.


Hello, you should set the outline totally visible, and not faded like that. Also You have problem about the colors :

  • The band on the hat should be more yellow, kinda like gold, it can look better.
  • The shade on the sign don’t really look like wood, i mean, it’s a wood texture but not the color of wood.
  • And the shade red/green look bad (i think), so you should change the green to a better color, what fit with the red, like yellow for exemple.
    You should too expand the outline and the knife/gun.

Anyway it’s a good work, hope you will change all of that!

Have a good day.


Thanks for the bunch of suggestions and corrections about this logo, Ill make sure to improvise logos soon.

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I do like this logo, I suggest using warmer and colder colors because the darker red makes the logo look murky, also use gradient for a appealing look, other than that good logo!

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The way you blended the colors in the bigger “R”, isn’t really a smooth transition from red to green. I suggest either playing around with the transition or changing both of the the text color of the logo. Otherwise, this looks pretty good! Good job! :+1: